White world and Mr Gentleman´s woolen Coat no. 2


Today everything outside is white!

The sky, the trees, the ground and what do you know- Im even surrounded by white houses! Boooring! ok the frosted trees a quite nce… And yes it´s -8 Celsius outside. Me, Im staying inside working working and listening to ”Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries”, book 1 (and missing the summer). The ”Work in process” goes on with the wool coat. I had a try out for the fit and now its soon time for a new one. Here is some pics on how´s it going :)


Lion-head buttons!

IMG_0365 IMG_0379IMG_0415 IMG_0416

The coat is lined with a super soft and fluffy pure wool.


Pocket details.

IMG_0438 IMG_0441 IMG_0453 IMG_0454

And now…. A Chocolate Banana Break!


More to come!

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