Dag Zenit


Midsommarafton må vara på fredag men den 21e juni (imorgon) är det sommarsolståndet.

Solen i zenit.

Det firar vi med 2 sommarklänningar i web shoppen :)

stl S och M resp. M och L

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Va rädd om varandra, XO


Flowers for everyone – or one lucky winner…

New Win Win!

A great summer dress that’s up for grabs. Answer the question in the Poll and I will randomly pick one winner!

Blue flower cotton satin dress size M.  Measures: skirt 65cm, waist 78cm, bust 93cm.

IMG_2039 IMG_2034

Make do with the Scruffs!


What to do with all the small scruff of fabric thats left over. I´v got lots of it and most of them are really nice wool but too little to make any thing of, BUT Thathaa! Accessories! Mobile covers/bags these are made to fit IPhone. Im not going to buy any christmas presents what so ever this year – (no! wont do it, don´t make me! you evil shopaholic in me) but one can alway make them.


Another thing Im planing on making is glows – I alway loose them or wear them out och give them away never to be seen again. Good friend of mine told my how to make glows from knitted jumpers etc – she makes them herself and I have to try to make some too :)

The fabric is from a secondhand skirt, I like the color and it´s made in a good quality wool fabric.

A speciall thanks for the kick to get blogging again! you know who :)

Leather re-use

Bag from recycled leather

Choosing between what is good for the animals vs what is good for the enviroment can be tricky. Fake leather is great cus it means no animal got killed for it but it is made from unnatural chemicals and therefor takes time to be made into compost the day it breaks or you no longer want to use it. Leater however is long lasting and looks better after long use. It does not harm the enviroment but of corse the animal.

So this is my inbetween solution!

Recycled and reused leather bought secondhand!

I really hate the fur industry and would never go out and buy a new fur coat for myself. However I have a coat from my mother that she bought when she was in her 30´s. I have not used it yet but I consider re-desiging it to stop it going to waste in the attic.

I saved the pockets that was on the coat and lined the bag with blue velvet. There is also enough leather still to make 2 more bags in a slightly smaller size :)

Paper or plastic, miss?

Paper thank you very much!

Handmade paper bags might take some time but it´s sooo much nicer. Next month in mid may I´m opening a mobile shop for one day. A brand new festival/market are being arranged in the town I live in (Karlstad) and Stormhund = me will be there. There of the need of nice bags.

The festival, named  ”KROM” is on the 12 of May and if your in the area you really should join :)