Mr Gentleman´s woolen Coat

End of last year I did 2 custom made blazer jackets in corduroy. I almost missed taking all the ”work in process” pics though.. and the end result – *sigh* So I have to get back to you on that one…

Now there is the start of a wool coat for the same Mr Gentleman as the previous two :) The fur collar will be in white fur (sheep) so the one in fake fur is only the get the feel of it before the real deal. And it will be in the gray wool – the mustard colored fabric is the interlining to give the coat structure. Next week I have a booked in meeting to try out the fit.

More to come!


IMG_0284 IMG_0313 IMG_0316IMG_0314IMG_0359IMG_0356 IMG_0358IMG_0336IMG_0333IMG_0335