Make do with the Scruffs!


What to do with all the small scruff of fabric thats left over. I´v got lots of it and most of them are really nice wool but too little to make any thing of, BUT Thathaa! Accessories! Mobile covers/bags these are made to fit IPhone. Im not going to buy any christmas presents what so ever this year – (no! wont do it, don´t make me! you evil shopaholic in me) but one can alway make them.


Another thing Im planing on making is glows – I alway loose them or wear them out och give them away never to be seen again. Good friend of mine told my how to make glows from knitted jumpers etc – she makes them herself and I have to try to make some too :)

The fabric is from a secondhand skirt, I like the color and it´s made in a good quality wool fabric.

A speciall thanks for the kick to get blogging again! you know who :)