Compassion Fashion – Tiger

These T-shirts are dedicated to the Tigers. When you buy one –  €34 – I will donate €4 directly to the WWF Tiger foundation.

When I was small I wanted to save the world and help the animals work for the Greenpeace and WWF. They were heroes in my book. But I never was brave enough to jump in front of  big bad ships sitting in a small rubber boat, in fact I was and still am a bit afraid of wather….

The decision to work with fashion and clothes might be far from Greenpeace and I agree. To start with i did feel bad about it but then I desided to do it my way. So I do what I can to make the world slightly better and still run my company.

To start with I´d like to go a memory of a jumper my sister had. It was a light yellow sweatshirt with the face of a tiger printer in glitter  on the chest. I loved it! However I cant recall me or my other sister ever wearing it so I guess it was never past on to us rug rats.

Do visite WWF’s homepage:    or