Casual look – and the end of my cold?


God damn it!

I´v been more or less under the weather for over 2 weeks now and finally (hopefully) on my way to normal state.

Staying still and warm wile working Im in causal ”boyfriend” jeans and one of my printer secondhand T-shirt. My striped cardigan is a re-designed jumper that I blogged about a wile back ”wool-is-the-way-to-go-go”. Today is the start of another tailored jacket/blazer (menswear)- gray wool again. Got the package sent to me from a fabric shop in stockholm.


Keep them safe and warm!

The little Tailored Coat of today!

I really enjoy working with dogs, today this cute button came back for a fitting and left with a new coat.

Mr M Gibson was very happy to have a chance to socialise a bit as well….and he was a bit of distraction below when I took the photos.

Lemon and Liqurice – Retro style jacket

Retro jacket in ”salt and pepper” style wool, and my lovely friend :)

Size 38

This Jacket reminds me of a type of candy, specially with the lining in pink. My grandmother (my mothers mother) liked this candy but I alway thought it look much nicer then it tasted.

When searching for good pics I came across knitted versions of them, sweet :)