Sunday-market at BLÅ, Oslo!

The Night-buss is going to Oslo/Norway early!

Really early on sunday morning (it almost still saturday that’s how early!). The bags will be packed with lovely garments and the essence of Stormhund. It is the first time going to this specific marker – the Søndagsmarkedet at Blå. It will be interesting to try it out and hopefully it will be FAB!

Sunday 15th of september at Brenneriveien, Oslo, Norway. Between 12.00 and 17.00

So if you live in oslo or know someone in Oslo – tell them to stop by! IMG_1354


Do you take your coffee with Retro and milk?


The charming boutique ”Tidens Melodi” (Karlstad/Sweden) that I´v been talking so much about has got big plans! Changing location and adding a cafe a la 50´s Retro style. It has not open yet but you can give it a good start by funding. Buy some cups of coffee and cake today and eat it tomorrow! Or rather in beginning of august….

Sorry for the text in swedish..but if you live or visit Karlstad/Sweden and plan on having coffee any time this late summer and so on… got to the funding page and pay for some in advance!

22 Jul, 2013 @ 09:17


54 days later…back to the 1920´s!

Forgive me WordPress reader for I have sinned, its been 54 ( ! ) days since my last post…

I have moved  to a flat/house with a garden! There is carrots, peas, beans, salad, butternut squash, spinach, and herb on its way up!  BUT more importantly 2 new fun projects for Stormhund in working process! Making two 1920´s dresses for a local boutique selling clothes from the 60´s and back (”Tidens Melodi” Herrhagen-Karlstad) Withe the relaunch of ”The Great Gatsby” it is sure to be a big up up for 20´s party. One will be in black and with frills and the other one in green…


Sketches and toil

img_0996 img_0995 img_1003img_0992  img_1001

Hey! Did you know that….

..fleece (the fabric made from plastic) in clothes releases lots of tiny plastic particles that goes strait though the filters at the water treatment plant and back to the water we drink! There are many reason to choose natural fibers in your clothes and this is one of the bigger ones.

This is an article in swedish about polutions in our water:
Fleecetröja-allvarligt miljöhot i Östersjön

”Micro Plastics in the Baltic Sea is a bigger problem than has hitherto been thought. Treatment plants can not catch them. When you wash a fleece are 1900 small plastic particles into the rinse water.
Marine litter is a major environmental problem. One hundred million tons of garbage ends up in the ocean every year, and the most common is plastic. For the Baltic sea, the question has not been noticed before, but now come reports that plastic debris is a growing problem in the vulnerable sea.

In Sweden there is an average of 133 junk admitted per 100 meters, according Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation who have measured the occurrence. This corresponds to a garbage per step on a Baltic Sjöstrand. In Bohuslän Archipelago flowing more than 5,000 cubic meters of plastic ashore each year, and around the Baltic Sea can be seen more and more debris, reports the organization Kimo Baltic Sea. But the worst is sopbergen below sea level. The Pacific Ocean is one of the world’s largest garbage for plastic debris, is expected to be twice the size of the U.S. state of Texas.

The plastic that ends up in the oceans do great harm. Since the plastic never disappears completely, but only disintegrate into smaller particles, it is a very difficult debris. It takes, for example, 450 years for a pet bottle to degrade.

Now alert researchers that small plastic particles can be an even bigger problem than previously thought. It was, inter alia, on the Baltic days held recently on the topic of plastic pollution in the oceans. Micro Plastics are only 0.002 to 0.2 millimeters, and go straight through the treatment plant system without getting caught. They also can not pick up from the sea.

Micro Plastics will include industry, but also from household wastewater through cosmetics, paints and textile washing.

– Fleece Garments emit a lot of small plastic fragments. At each wash emits a fleece 1900 fragments, says Jan-Erik Bru

Plastic particles carrying harmful substances in the food chain of zooplankton, which in turn become weakened and indirectly affects other marine organisms. It may also be transmitted to humans.

To access problems, society must reduce the use of plastics, but also find a way to get the plants to trap particles, says Jan-Erik Bruun

In Åland has submitted a proposal to ban the use of plastic bags.”


This however is pure wool and pleasure :)

”Krympa och Skölja Kroken”


Posts on this topic will be in swedish only, as it is about old swedish expressions and cant be directly translated.

I helgen ska det fotas jackor och klänningar men innan dess – 2 udda men charmiga uttryck. Vad passar bättre en fredag som denna:

”KRYMPA KROKEN – Uttryck inom skräddaryrket, som betyder , att en nyanställd skulle bjuda sina blivande arbetskamrater på brännvin. Liknande uttryck finns i andra fack. Krok betyder i detta sammanhan vrå el hörn, dvs den plats den nyanställde skulle ha på skräddarbordet.”


”SKÖLJA KROKEN” – ..betyder att en gesäll som lämnar sin anställning bjuder sina arbetskamrater på brännvin.”

Tack och skål kamrater!


Still no spring, time to wrap it up guys!


Its still too cold for my taste or maybe I should say, once again it´s cold!

I needed a new warm scarf (too long a winter) and  you almost never find one that is not made from acrylic fabric… I want wool! So I made it myself and wile I was at it a made a few to spare…so they are up for grabs now in the web shop :)  Gray/black and gray/brown, 60% wool 40 viscose and 175×50 cm.




Posts on this topic will be in swedish only, as it is about old swedish expressions and cant be directly translated.

Här kommer ytterligare ett uttryck från delen ”Gamla Yrkestermer och Uttryck” :


Gammal beteckning inom skräddaryrket på byxskräddare.

Okej, märkligt…kanske skulle börja presentera mig som ”kanongjutare”!