54 days later...back to the 1920´s!

54 days later…back to the 1920´s!

Forgive me WordPress reader for I have sinned, its been 54 ( ! ) days since my last post…

I have moved  to a flat/house with a garden! There is carrots, peas, beans, salad, butternut squash, spinach, and herb on its way up!  BUT more importantly 2 new fun projects for Stormhund in working process! Making two 1920´s dresses for a local boutique selling clothes from the 60´s and back (”Tidens Melodi” Herrhagen-Karlstad) Withe the relaunch of ”The Great Gatsby” it is sure to be a big up up for 20´s party. One will be in black and with frills and the other one in green…


Sketches and toil

img_0996 img_0995 img_1003img_0992  img_1001